files from another job e.g., 614e0a1b

The raw output files for each step of the pipeline can be found here and downloaded as a ZIP file here.


As only a limited number of chains and atoms can be deposited in the PDB format, the mmCIF format has been introduced to provide an alternative way to save structures. As the predicted RNA structures are normally within the capability of the PDB format, this format is still used in the RNA-Puzzles community. Moreover, many tools available in the field of RNA 3D bioinformatics still are using the PDB format and likely will not be updated for the mmCIF format. Thus, we decided to provide a web application to convert mmCIF format to PDB format (“Convert CIF files to PDB”) and reverse (“Convert PDB files to CIF”). These two tools are based on the open-source version of PyMOL.

We are exploring using https://piwik.pro to track usage of the server for grant proposals, scientific presentations.

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